Panasonic Power Air TM Hair Dryer


Panasonic's EH-83 Power Air (TM) Hair dryer provides fast drying thanks to its' 2500w motor. In addition it features ion technology to help manage frizzy hair ensuring a precise and smooth finish

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2500W high wattage for fast drying
Ion conditioning for shiny hair
Heat Protection Mode

Fast drying with powerful airflow

With 2500W of power, the strong airflow dries your hair

faster, saving time.

Heat Protection Mode

Protect your hair from excessive heat

Ensures powerful airflow at a gentle temperature to

protect hair and scalp from heat damage.

External Ion Outlets

Ions are discharged from external ion outlet. Since the

outlet is outside the hot-air nozzle, the ions do not dry out.

They retain more moisture and deliver it to your hair.

Ions are sensitive to heat. Keeping them separate from

the hot air allows them to retain their moisture and deliver

it to your hair.

Well-balanced, ergonomic design

The dryer features a balanced design, so you don’t feel the weight, even during usage.

Comfortable switch shape for easy, stress-free control.

The angle of the handles of Panasonic hair dryers are designed for ease of use when users

point the dryers towards them.


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