Panasonic 34L Inverter Combination Microwave Oven - Silver


Space-saving 34L inverter combination microwave oven with an award-winning sleek stainless steel design. The one-push reheating function and healthy junior menu options help with the easy preparation of healthy meals for the whole family.

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34 L Family Size
1000 W Inverter Microwave
1300 W Quartz Grill and 40, 100-220°C Convection

Easy One Push Reheating Without Over/Undercooking

Just put food in and press the Start button. The Genius sensor detects heating

conditions and the Inverter finely controls power for optimum heating at the

press of a single button.

This easy single step provides the optimum heating for different dishes.

Professional and delicious results with Combination Cooking Programs

Combination cooking programs previously required troublesome setting but

now direct buttons make setting easy. Advanced Inverter control enables

simultaneous use of two heat sources for faster, more delicious, more

authentic results than ever before.

Recreate a freshly baked taste with the Re-bake Bread Programs

Heating bread used to be difficult but if you select this programs and press a

button, simultaneous microwave and convection cooking let you recreate the

delicious taste of freshly baked bread in your home.

Easier access to homemade cooking with 7 Junior Menu Programs

A variety of fresh and healthy meals for kids is at your fingertips. This is a great

help when cooking homemade dishes for children’s health and safety.

Compact, sophisticated design

The simple, minimalistic design adds a stylish

touch to any kitchen. And it''s compact, so you

can use kitchen space 15% more effectively.

* Compared with competitor’s model.


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