Dental Care with 2 Kinds of Water Jets.
Choose between powerful water jet or soft air in water jet. These two different water jets let you clean between teeth, periodontal pockets and orthodontic appliances such as braces.

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Dental Care with 2 Water Jets
4 Nozzles with Colored Rings
Cordless & Waterproof

4 Kinds of Oral Care with Water Jets

A Panasonic irrigator forces out food debris caught between teeth with a water jet, and

flushes away floating plaque in periodontal pockets. The water jet can also be used to

comfortably stimulate the gums.

You are recommended to use these irrigator water jets for oral care together with a


Interdental Cleaning

A powerful water jet forces food debris from interdental


Periodontal Pocket Cleaning

Water jet removes the bacteria in periodontal pockets that

cause periodontal disease.

Dental Care with 2 Water Jets

Choose from two water jets to suit your needs and


JET mode: Powerful, pulsating high-pressure water jet.

AIR IN mode: Pulsating stream of water mixed with air.

A Choice of 3 Modes

Choose between three different modes. Select “JET” for

powerful removal of food particles, or the REGULAR or

SOFT “AIR IN” modes as desired.


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