Nano-Ionic Facial Steamer


Enjoy steam spa treatments from the comfort of your own home and a more radiant complexion thanks to the Panasonic Facial Steamer with nano-ionic technology. Gentle, deep cleansing of your pores helps ensure that your skin is supple, revitalised and hydrated, leaving you feeling at your natural best.

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Powered by Nano-Ionic Technology
Youthful Skin
Naturally Hydrated Skin
Anti-Ageing Effect
More Rejuvenation, More Elasticity

Powered by Nano-Ionic Technology

Nano-ionic technology generates steam particles that are 18,000 times finer than regular steam particles, and are better at deeply penetrating the skin. That means that instead of applying oils and moisturising creams to your skin, the Facial Steamer hydrates your skin gently and naturally.

Effortlessly Youthful Skin

When you heat your skin with very fine steam particles, HSP (high shock protein) levels are increased. This helps to naturally stimulate collagen production within your skin''s layers, enhancing its elasticity and smoothness.

Naturally Hydrated Skin

The very fine steam particles produced by the Facial Steamer’s nano-ionic technology allow moisture to deeply penetrate your skin. By making the Facial Steamer part of your daily routine, moisture levels in your skin may increase by up to 130% after eight weeks of use.*

* 32 Caucasian females, aged 35-49; control group did not use the product.

Anti-ageing effect through the activation of collagen

The Facial Steamer visibly reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles by naturally stimulating collagen production within your skin''s layers. A recent study found that after eight weeks of daily use, wrinkle depth is reduced by an average of 19%.*

*(32 treated, 30 untreated), Caucasian females, aged 35-49

More Rejuvenation, More Elasticity

As your skin absorbs the very fine steam particles, your skin’s layers are gently and naturally stimulated. This rejuvenates and increases the elasticity of the skin. After just eight weeks of daily use, skin elasticity has been found to increase by up to 20%.*

*(32 treated, 30 untreated), Caucasian females, aged 35-49


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