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Men's Trimmer


3-Way Shaving Trimmer.
Three functions in a single unit for shaving, trimming and designing.

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Making edges & detail designing
Shaves gently
Comb attachment for 20 levels of length setting

Making edges & detail designing

Making edges with sharp cutting

The straight part of the blade is 35mm long, making it easy to

create clear-cut lines.

Detail design with attachment

It has a 10mm-wide Detail trimming attachment enabling

detailed beard design in places such as under the mouth.

Easy shaving for a clean finish

Newly developed gentle-to-skin blade lets you easily get rid of unwanted hairs. You can cleanly

shave whiskers on your cheeks or under your jaw with a single unit. And on busy mornings, you

can enjoy a dry shave without the need of shaving foam.

Comb attachment for even beard length

Using the attachment with the length adjustment function enables easy, clean trimming to a

desired length.

Skin protective blade

effectively captures whiskers to ensure a minimum of skin


Gentle to skin

The edges of the fixed blade are wide and rounded so there''s

little stimulation on the skin.

The gaps on the fixed blade are also narrow, so that skin

cannot enter and become harmed.

“Best New Male Shaving and Beard Product”
Pure Beauty, Gold Award, October 2017
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