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Speedy and Precise Pedicure for Silky Feet

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Speedy and Precise Pedicure
Precision Care with Curved Roller Head
Long-lasting Micro-ceramic File

Speedily removing hard skin for smooth feet

Simply apply the roller head to hard calloused skin. The

rolling file exfoliates dry and hard heels, and dead skin on

the soles speedily and gently, to make the skin smooth. In

addition, the product is designed to prevent dead skin from

scattering, making clean-up easy after use.

Precision care with the curved roller head

The curved roller head is best suited for precision care. It accurately treats corns on the

side of the big toe and the soles of the feet.

Long-lasting micro-ceramic file

The long-lasting micro-ceramic file gently treats calloused

skin. Since the surface of the micro-ceramic particles of

the roller head is double-coated with glue, the roller head

is durable and long-lasting. Requiring only an annual

replacement makes this product efficient as well as