High-Power Blender


One Simple Touch, Infinite Gourmet Possibilities.
Create delicious, nutritious beverages, meals and more. Chop, cream, blend, heat, grind, and churn with a single machine

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6-Point Cutting System
6 Pre-programmed Auto Menu
Dual Lock Switch
1.8 L working capacity

Dual 6-Blade System for Superior Results

Upper blades have straight edges for rough cutting. Lower blades have jagged edges for fine cutting. The dual blades

work together for smooth results.

One-Touch Control for Automatic Recipes

Pre-programmed settings offer consistent results. Thanks to the automatic settings, you can prepare sumptuous smoothies, frozen desserts and fresh soups in no time at all.

10-Step Manual Setting and Pulse Button

The speed can be adjusted in 10 steps by simply turning the dial, to blend ingredients according to the recipe or your personal preference. Also, the Pulse button, which operates the blender only while it is being pressed, lets you continually check the blending condition and stop it with precise timing.

Ice Jacket for Keeping Beverages Cool

The ice jacket reduces the friction heat caused by blade rotation, to prevent juices from warming. Frozen treats can also be prepared without having to worry about them melting.