Slow Juicer


For rich-tasting highly nutritious juices..
You get rich, smooth juice filled with nutrition. You can also use the Frozen Attachment to make healthy desserts.

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Low-Speed Compression
Stainless Steel Screw
Frozen Attachment

Squeezing while preserving nutrition

The screw rotates slowly, at 45 rpm, to squeeze ingredients, so nutrients are not destroyed by friction heat. This is a highly efficient way to obtain nutrients.

Extracts juice from the beginning to the end

Since the bottom part is stainless steel, it squeezes the last drop from both soft and hard ingredients with strong pressure.

Keeps juice delicious longer without separation

It prevents destruction of nutrients due to friction heat. And the juice doesn''t separate as time passes, so the flavours are preserved longer.

3-easy steps to “chill out”

Just add the attachment and enjoy frozen desserts.

A wide variety of healthy recipes

In addition to tasty juices and healthy frozen desserts, you can make as many recipes as you can imagine, such as soups and jams.

"As good as having a juice bar on your doorstep, with a frozen dessert parlour next door – the MJ-L500 makes getting your five-a-day a cinch"
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